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What People say about us

Why do we find Hemp so intriguing?

Hemp absorbs 4 times the amount of carbon when compared to forests

The Deep roots of hemp absorb harmful chemicals from the soil & restore the fertility

Hemp Seeds are a protein powerhouse with all 9 essential amino acids

Hemp stems yield the strongest natural fibre, & also require less water & pesticides in comparison

A champion in sustainability - Every part of hemp ; the leaves, flowers, seeds and stems, finds its application in various industries

Hemp Seeds are an excellent plant based source for Omega 3 fatty acids & have the perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6

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Our Story

At Hemptyful, we instantly fell in love with hemp, upon discovering the nutritional powers of its seeds. Our goal is to deliver hemp seed based health & nutrition products to our consumers, who can derive the maximum benefits of our favourite superfood. We ensure each of our products are completely plant based, and scientifically crafted to enable India to embrace this new ingredient.

Our mission

We aim to develop indigenous cultivars of Industrial Hemp, thus forming a launch pad for the Indian Hemp Revolution. With such a strong foundation, we aspire to create the largest value in and enable exponential expansion of the Industrial Hemp Ecosystem. Relentless focus on Research, Sustainability and Awareness will be our driving principles to hempower India, right from the Indian Farming Community up to the end consumers. We strongly believe hemp will play a major role in building a sustainable future and we wish to champion this transition process.


Minerals in Hemp

Hemp seeds contain a lot of nutrients. These seeds, which are a part of the hemp plant, are technically a nut that can be eaten

Sustainability of hemp cultivation

For thousands of years, humans have cultivated and utilized the wild hemp plants for food, medicine, and fabrics. Hemp is possibly one of the oldest