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I tried Hemptyful’s cold pressed seed oil and it is truly a multipurpose oil. I use it daily for body moisturising, it’s so light and absorbs readily on the skin. I also consume a spoon of it today either orally or over my salads, it has a very nutty taste and I can see improvement in PMS symptoms and helps in digestion as well.

The oil from Hemptyful is pure, organic and truly cold pressed without any additives or chemicals.
Manali Jadhav, Pune
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As a vegan, I was searching for a good quality natural source of protein since a long time. These seeds have 10 g protein per serve which covers my daily protein intake. I was also surprised to see such high omega content as well and 100% organic.

I also loved Hemptyful Hemp garlic and thyme spread, such a unique and flavourful spread for my sandwiches and salad dressings!
PV Sandeep, Bangalore
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Hemptyful’s chocolate Orange Hemp spread is to die for, the unique flavour of seeds with chocolate and orange is really nice, full of protein and omegas. The best thing is it is not adulterated with artificial ingredients and has no refined sugars. This spread actually is very high on nutritional value, good for kids!

This has become my tiffin buddy instead of market spreads which are full of sugars and palm oil. This spread doesn’t have any preservatives.
Kanika, Mumbai
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I am a vegetarian and I was searching for healthy spreads for my everyday breakfast and I came across Hemptyful’s hemp spreads. They are full of protein and very nutritious. Chocolate hazelnut is one of my favorite spreads as it has appropriate level of sweetness and very flavourful.

This spread is very high on omega which we vegetarians often lack and don’t have enough sources available in the market. If you are looking for a tasty and sugar free chocolate spread, you should definitely go for it!
Akshita Shukla, New Delhi
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I recently tried this coffee spread and this is an absolute delight for coffee taste lovers. The best part is it is sweetened with jaggery so I can use it as a sandwich spread guilt free. The spreads in market are full of preservatives with 0 or no protein, this is super high in protein and other vitamins and minerals.
Nikita Chopra, Kolkata
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As someone who adores dips, the Mint Masala dip from Hemptyful is wow! Most of the dips in the market are full of preservatives and thinned down with water. This dip is so high in protein, 28 g and is so good to enjoy with crackers for my in-house parties.

It’s made without water, any chemicals or preservatives so texture is also thick. The flavour is very good to enjoy with Indian snacks
Shayno Kumari, Pune
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