Hemp Seed Butter Vs Nut Butters

Hemp Seed Butter Vs Nut Butters

A wide variety of Nut butters like peanut butters, almond butters, cashew butters, hazelnut butters have filled our commercial aisles as people are shifting away from dairy or are looking for healthier alternatives. These butters have successfully been providing heart-healthy fats and protein to your diet. But they also add a lot of carbs and not all the fats are healthy.  Also consumers who are allergic to nuts find it tough to enjoy these savouries.

Hemp seed butters are the perfect alternative. The delicious Hemptyful Hemp seed butters, crafted out of hemp hearts will surprise you with the nutritional superiority. A comparison between our OG seed butters & some well- known nut butters.

Nutritional content per 100 g (Approx) Hemptyful OG Seed Butter Peanut Butter Almond Butter
Energy 644 Kcal 651 Kcal 641 Kcal
Protein 25 g 25 g 24 g
Carbohydrates 8.4 g 17.7 g 24 g
Fats 56.9 g 53.4 g 52 g

For the same grammage, Hemp Seed butter adds lesser calories with approx. same protein content and healthy fats. Albumin and Edestin are two main proteins in hemp, both of which contain all the 9 essential amino acids which our body cannot produce. Hemp protein is easily digested & results in efficient absorption. A direct comparison done between protein amino acid profiles from hempseed, egg white and soybean (two very high-quality proteins) shows that hempseed is comparable. Only a few plant-based foods are considered as complete source of protein making hemp seeds a very valuable addition to vegan or vegetarian diets. They have the ideal omega 6: Omega 3 ratio of nearly 2.5:1, which is rare to find. An imbalance of this ratio in our diet is linked to various diseases in humans.

Swapping hemp seed butter for a nut butter also doesn’t result in a compromise in terms of the taste. A spoonful of Hemptyful hemp seed butters spread over the bread of your choice, mixed with smoothies or had it straight out of the jar will leave you craving for more. It’s a simple, effective way to boost your daily protein intake, get more fiber in your diet and fill up on the necessary omega-3s.

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