Vegan Hemp Burgers

Vegan Hemp Burgers


  1. Burger buns
  2. Plant-based burger patty
  3. 2 X tbsps Hemptyful OG Unsweetened Butter
  4. Slices of Zuccinni, Olives, Jalapenos
  5. Vegan Cheese
  6. Lettuce
  7. Salt & pepper as per taste


Procedure/ Directions

  1. Sautee the zucchini on a pan with some oil, sprinkle salt & pepper on it for better taste
  2. Heat the burger buns on pan and apply OG Unsweetened Butter on both sides of the bun
  3. Place the plant-based patty and add slices of toasted zucchini, olives and jalapenos on the patty
  4. Add some vegan cheese and sprinkle some salt & pepper as per your liking
  5. Add a final touch with high quality lettuce and your burger is ready


This burger isn’t like you good for nothing burger but high in protein, omegas (courtesy our OG unsweetened hemp butter). Its creamy texture gives the amazing mouthfeel when you take a bite from this burger

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