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Why Hemp Hearts are more versatile than Raw Hemp Seeds

Hemp hearts, are obtained by removing the hard outer shell of hemp seeds. The
terms hemp heart and hemp seed are used interchangeably, but there are a few
important differences.
Hemp seeds are small nuts with a crispy shell and a soft core. Hulled hemp seeds,
also known as & quot;hemp hearts,& quot; are those that have had their outer shell removed,
leaving the soft, chewy centre that is versatile and simple to use.
Raw Hemp seeds
Raw Hemp seeds, which are obtained from mature hemp plants, contain more
dietary fibre than hemp hearts as most of the fibre is present in the outer shell.
Hemp seeds can be eaten whole or ground into powder. They have a nutty
flavour similar to sunflower seeds and therefore can be eaten raw or toasted. De-
fatted raw hemp seeds result in a fibre and protein rich powder that can be used
as an ingredient in dough making, baking etc., to boost the fibre and protein
content, and can also be consumed directly by mixing into milk or water.
However, due to its deeply nutty and slightly bitter taste, not everyone may
prefer the taste and consume it regularly. The same powder can also be an
ingredient for protein extraction to make hemp protein concentrates or hemp
protein isolates. Research however has indicated that protein can be easily
extracted and is more bioavailable from defatted hulled hemp seeds (or hemp
hearts) rather than defatted raw hemp seeds.
Hemp Hearts
Hemp hearts have all the nutritional properties of raw hemp seeds, except for the
carbohydrates and the dietary fibre that are predominantly found in the outer
shells. Thus, in terms of percentages, hemp hearts have a higher amount of
protein and oil as compared to raw hemp seeds. Hemp hearts are considered a
complete source of protein because they contain all 20 amino acids, 9 of which
are essential and two of which are semi-essential. These amino acids are not
produced by our body itself. In fact, hemp hearts contain the most edestin protein
of any food in the world. Edestin is a highly active, digestible form of active
protein that promotes nutrient absorption.

The Versatility of Hemp Hearts
Hemp hearts are rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, fibre, protein, iron, zinc and B
vitamins. They have a better texture and a more appealing or neutral taste as
compared to raw seeds which makes them much more versatile. They can be
sprinkled over salads or added to soups and stews. They can be substituted for
flour or breadcrumbs in any recipe calling for these ingredients. They also work
well as a flour substitute in baked goods such as cookies or cakes. At Hemptyful,
we make all our hemp butters from hemp hearts for optimum health and
Defatted hemp hearts can be ground to powder to make protein rich flour. This
flour can be used as a key ingredient in a plethora of applications to boost the
protein content along with the added benefits of omegas. Protein extraction is
easier and the extracted protein is more bioavailable and digestible by the human
gut making it a key raw material to make hemp protein concentrates and isolates
which can disrupt the protein industry.
Hemp hearts are undoubtedly a powerhouse of nutrients; they are one of the
best superfoods in the world, so reap the benefits with Hemptyful today!

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