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Hemp Nutrition Bars

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Hemp Protein Powder

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OG Hemp Butter – Unsweetened

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Natural Hemp Hearts

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Hemp Pesto

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Chocolate Hemp

Healthy Hemp Hummus

Ingredients 1 ½ x cup boiled chickpea 1/3 x cup chickpea water (water that remains after boiling) ¼ x tsp cumin (jeera) powder 2 x

Hemp Butter Baked Cauliflower

Ingredients 1 x medium size cauliflower 1 x tbsp Hemptyful Salt & Pepper Dip 3 x tbsp White wine vinegar 1 x tbsp Olive oil

OG Hemp Tofu Satay

Ingredients 250g cubed Tofu or mock meat 1 ½ x tbsp Hemptyful OG butter sweetened ½ x medium finely chopped onion 1 x tbsp chopped

Baba Ganoush with hemp twist

Ingredients 1 x roasted medium brinjal 1 x medium finely chopped tomato 1 x medium finely chopped onion 1 x small green chilli finely chopped


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