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Minerals in Hemp

Hemp seeds contain a lot of nutrients. These seeds, which are a part of the hemp plant, are technically a nut that can be eaten

Sustainability of hemp cultivation

For thousands of years, humans have cultivated and utilized the wild hemp plants for food, medicine, and fabrics. Hemp is possibly one of the oldest

What is Hempcrete?

Hemp has several uses. It finds its application in up to 25,000 different products, including clothing, biofuel, and cosmetics. Hempcrete is the result of one

Hemp Seed : The superfood

Hemp Seed : The superfood. As evidenced by the hempseeds discovered in tombs dating back to the third century before Christ in China, where roasted

7 incredible uses of Hemp

Since each part of hemp, including the stem, seeds, leaves and the flower , may be used, hemp is a crop that produces zero waste.

Hemp Seeds V/S Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have seen a sudden surge in recent times, being labeled as a superfood. However, they have always been present in human diets since

Is the Omega- 3 Hype Real?

The past decade has witnessed a tremendous surge in the chatter about how essential are Omega-3s for our bodies. This has resulted in a billion-dollar


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